What About the Kids>?

What About the Kids?

Raising Your Children Before,During, and After Divorce

"What About the Kids? is the bible for divorcing parents."
-Pauline H. Tesler, Family Law Specialist

How can you genuinely protect your children during and after divorce? Renowned child psychologist Judith Wallerstein has spent most of her career studying children and divorce, and she answers this important question based on thirty years of in-depth interviews with children of divorce and their parents. With sections devoted to various ages of children and their particular issues, you'll find out:

How to prepare your children for the breakup before it happens

The worst time to divorce

How to be co-parents outside of marriage

How to carry on the conversation about divorce through the years

How to choose the best custody for your children

And much more, as well as valuable information about being a terrific single parent, approaching remarriage, and healthy step-parenting.

Judith Wallerstein's experience has educated her in the ways that work, and in the ways that don't. This book conveys her deep understanding of raising children after divorce, and how you and they can make use of the second chance that divorce can provide.

"Dr. Wallerstein provides invaluable guidance appropriate to the age and development of the child, as well as all stages the child goes through, from separation to remarriage."
JUSTICE DONALD B. KING, California Court of Appeal